51+ Lovely Open Kitchens with Unique Partitions and Room Dividers

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2. Kitchen Island or Breakfast Bar
The classic way to separate the open kitchen from the dining area and living room is by placing a cooking island or kitchen counter which can also function as a semi-room divider. This style can also be applied with a medium-sized cabinet or corner seating.

3. Unique Walls and Bookshelves
The wall is only built half the length of the kitchen. The combination of this wall with the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves make a cool entrance to the kitchen.

4. Lower Level Kitchen
You may not be free from the smell and noise from the kitchen, but this open-plan structure emphasizes the visual appearance. When the cooking area is located in the lower level compared to the surrounding, it will create a different ambiance with more comfortable and wider-looking appearance.

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Debra Elsie