47+ Stunning Ideas for Beautiful House Extension

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4. Extension on the Rooftop
Rooftop or an empty and unused area on the roof can be transformed into a place to relax and enjoy fresh air as showed in the picture, it’s fulfilled with a pool and a wood panels terrace, also there are various spots to grow some plants.

5. Extension for a Garage
You can attach an elongated roof and wooden walls in the front of the house areas as shown in the picture, which can serve as a garage.

6. Extension in the Living Room
The family room can acquire additional natural lighting with room extensions. It can also perform as an additional seating area that fitted with windows.

7. Turn A Balcony into A New Room
A balcony can be another form of a home extension, but this one is an inspiration that repurpose a balcony with a layer of wood, placing chairs and tables, also install different walls from the main house to create a semi-outdoor lounge area.
Are you interested in adding a new room to your house? Which type of those home extensions you found most interesting?

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