43+ Lovely All White Apartment in Modern Style

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Whether in a spacious house or in a small and cramped one, some corners of the house may appear dark and stuffy. This is often caused by the poor allocation of space, sometimes by the use of colors or furniture that does not fit the room. Then, what should you do? Before thinking of moving out, try discovering the main problem and solve it appropriately at once.

Today we present a project that meets all these requirements. We were in Rome, studying more closely this work by EF Archidesign.

Children’s Bedrooms
A touch of bright and neutral colors is the key to this convenience bedroom where white and wood color blend with red and light blue. This room feels more cheerful and bright, yet simple and not overdone.

Warm and Welcoming
This is the room we see first when we enter the apartment. Before being renovated, this room seemed narrow and cramped. Now, it becomes brighter and airy with the installation of windows in some specific spots, the use of bright color for the darkest corner of the room, and the addition of green elements around it.

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Debra Elsie